face to face

Myotherapy  |  Sports Massage  |  Remedial Massage

Our team of professionals is assembled to provide our clients with the same quality of services that professional athletes receive from their clubs. Through the use of acute & chronic rehabilitation, therapeutic interventions, and soft-tissue therapy, we are able to provide a complete spectrum of care for all populations.

Our goal is to prevent and minimise injury however we also treat common conditions including tension headaches, migraines, knee pain, shoulder pain, neck and back pain, and post-operative rehabilitation.

What to expect?

We offer myotherapy, sports therapy and remedial massage consultations face to face!


In your initial consultation your practitioner will take a detailed history, conduct a thorough investigation into your condition.

From there we will use a range of manual therapy techniques including cupping, dry needling and scraping specific for you to help relieve any of your current symptoms or potential pain.


You'll then be given management advice that could include exercise prescription, general management, and access to our online exercise portal and videos specifically for you. We will provide you with a range of simple home management strategies and empower you with an understanding of how these will accelerate your recovery.

Our team based approach means that if we believe your condition needs additional input then we may communicate with our team to recommend the most suitable type of treatment.

We educate then design a program to make it sustainable.